Introduction by Armen Alchian

The idea of capturing visually and orally the personality of Friedrich von Hayek, 1974 Nobel laureate, was so attractive that when the Earhart Foundation agreed to fund such an arrangement, the Pacific Academy for Advanced Studies was proud to undertake the pleasant task. No attempt was made in these interviews to restate or review Hayek's staggering intellectual accomplishments or his influence on contemporary understanding of social, political, and economic events.

«The two persons I found most interesting to talk to for an evening were Keynes and Schumpeter, two economists who were the best conversationalists and the most widely educated people in general terms I knew.»

Friedrich A. Hayek
Interview with Leo Rosten, 1978

Interviews collection

Interview by Axel Leijonhufvud

Interview by Tom Hazlett

Interview by Earlene Craver

Interview by Jack High