Leo Rosten

Leo Rosten (Part I)

Leo Rosten interviews Friedrich A. Hayek (Part I) Friedrich A. Hayek talks with Leo Rosten about his political writings. In particular, Dr. Hayek discusses the writing of The Road to Serfdom and its subsequent reception. The development of complex societies, along with reactions and failures thereof, and Marxism and socialism are explored. The importance of constitutions and…

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Leo Rosten (Part II)

Leo Rosten interviews Friedrich A. Hayek (Part II) Relating his professional contacts to his research, Dr. Hayek tells several anecdotes and describes the influence of numerous colleagues on his work. Tracing the rise of Keynesianism, Dr. Hayek recounts how his review of The General Theory was ignored. Dr. Hayek examines the rise and fall of Keynesianism, how Keynes’s…

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Leo Rosten (Part III)

Leo Rosten interviews Friedrich A. Hayek (Part III) Dr. Hayek challenges modern methodologies in economics, emphasizing the importance of theory over data. He describes the failure of governments to manage the money supply, the development of observed business cycles, and the morality of the market. The limits of politicians relying on advice from economists as well…

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